In the south of Bangladesh we sponsor a village school called Bangla Hope Talpukuria Village School. This whole area is almost always underwater, so boat travel is the only reliable mode of transportation. Last year we discovered that the boat they used to transport the children to and from school daily  was old and in disrepair. Despite its poor condition, it continued to be used six times per day by 22 children.

Our Executive Director Robyn Griffin wrote the following:

“So…Nishikanto is saying they’re in desperate need of a boat immediately at Talpukuria Bangla Hope Village School. What am I supposed to do? We don’t have funds in the budget to cover these extra expenses!” Litton Mowalie, Bangla Hope’s CFO in Bangladesh, was meeting with Nisikanto Baroi, the superintendent of all of our village schools, as they were discussing needs of the schools for the new school year. Litton was well aware of the huge needs of the Village Schools, but at a loss to know where to get the funds. He dialed my number requesting that, if possible, I could come to his office immediately. As I sat in his office listening to the needs, I realized that the request was on my shoulders…without the boat it would be nearly impossible to operate a school there. The boat is their “school bus”! God loves that word impossible! “What should we do? It will cost $500 to purchase a new boat. Do you want me to pay it even though it is not in our budget? And from where shall I take the funds?” Litton asked. I was still listening, but my heart was praying, “Dear Lord…what do we do here? This is Your program… please direct our hearts!” After a few more minutes of discussion, the answer came…not in an audible voice, but in the sweet calm of a gentle peace…go forward! “Let’s order the boat!” I heard my voice say. “We will find the funds! God will help us find the funds!” Litton beamed, “That will be a huge blessing to the students and the school! If you say so…I will release the funds!” Our CFO, Litton Mowalie, is a man of principle with a huge desire to do his best in everything. He feels the need to assure that everything is done as to the King… because, in fact, it all belongs to God. Having decided to release the funds, we gathered in a tight band, lifting our hearts to God in prayer and giving the problem of where to find the funds into His care and keeping. After all…He is the One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills…and the boats in a thousand rivers! Early the following morning was my weekly phone call to Hazel at the head office in Kennewick, WA. In the midst of our discussion Hazel asked, “Oh, by the way… a woman donated $500 for something that is NOT in the budget! Do you have anything in mind that we could put this towards??” Less than twenty-four hours and our prayers had been answered…in fact, the money had been donated at least a week before our discussion! Isaiah 65:24 flooded my mind with full force, “It will also come to pass that before they call, I will answer, and while they are still speaking, I will hear.” It is true…we really have nothing to fear for the future except that we forget the way the Lord has led us in the past!! God…makes us like that!

Below are pictures of the old boat, and the new boat where the children can now safely and reliably continue their education.


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