Sponsor a Child or Student

Orphan Sponsorship

Bangla Hope cares for 155 orphans on our main campus ranging in age from newborn to young adults. By sponsoring a child you are directly impacting your sponsored child’s well-being and opportunities for the present and future. YOU are changing a life!

Change a Life by:

Be a Co-Sponsor:                                                  Be a Full Sponsor:
$35/month                                                            $140/month
$420/year                                                              $1680/year

Boarding Student Sponsorship

You can change a life by sponsoring a boarding student. Broadening educational horizons for students through higher education ultimately impacts the future of Bangladesh. Bangla Hope is able to support many higher education students through people like you! Change a life and change the future of Bangladesh today.  

Change a Life by:

Be a Co-Sponsor:                                                Be a Full Sponsor:
$25/month                                                           $40/month
$200/year                                                             $480/year

Village School and Student Sponsorship

Thousands of villages dot the flat landscape of Bangladesh filled with many children who would not otherwise have access to primary education. Bangla Hope sponsors many village schools and teachers throughout the country of Bangladesh. Currently we are educating approximately 500 children. Students live at home with their families and benefit from a quality of education that many Bengali children only dream of. The children in our village schools are also being introduced to Jesus Christ which gives eternal benefits. You can change a life for a village student by sponsoring one or more students or you may sponsor an entire village school.

Change a Life by:

Sponsor a Village School Student:                     Sponsor a Village School:
$20/month                                                            Polotona   $6,160/year (28 Students)
$220/year                                                              Dharabashil  $9,020/year (41 Students)

Please note we use Click and Pledge for our donations, it will take you off of our website to complete your donations.

Disclaimer: We are currently registered with the following
states to solicit charitable donations:


If you do not currently live in one of the states
listed and have questions please call us at 509-586-4259.

If you have any questions, please use the contact us page to request any further information

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