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Learn to read and write.



Clothing orphans and others in need.


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June 2, 2016

NEW SCHOOL BUS (Boat) for Talpukuria village school thanks to a generous donor. CLICK HERE to see pictures.


Multi-purpose building fund; Security fence; Cyclone relief; & New campus well.

CLICK HERE to see the progress.

(1) URGENT NEED! Village School Well

November 16, 2016

Ramshil Village School has been “getting by” without their own well. They’ve used the pond by the school and during the dry season, they’ve used the neighbor’s well. With 60 students plus teachers and the cook, the neighbor’s endurance is running thin. This village school is very much appreciated in the community, partially because of the excellent scores students receive on government exams. We don’t want to close the school simply because they need a tube well which will cost about $1500. If you'd like to help, mark your donation "Ramshil well."

(2) Latest Newsletter is ready!

November 16, 2016

The winter newsletter #90 is ready to read. CLICK HERE to read it.

(3) Village School Need

July 12, 2016

Teachers in our village schools have access to a limited number of teaching materials. One thing we’d like to supply each teacher is an 11” x 17” flip chart of Bible story pictures. Three charts will cover the Bible stories they teach for a three-year cycle. The cost for each classroom in the school to have its own laminated set of pictures will be $68 (twenty-two sets needed). If you would like to provide a teacher in a village school with pictures, mark your donation VS pictures.

(4) Matching Funds for Multi-purpose Bldg

April 12, 2016

A generous donor is offering a matching grant of $5,000 for the multi-purpose building. If you would like to double your donation, mark it “Multi-purpose matching.”