Hi Everyone!

My name is Kate and this last spring quarter was a crazy roller-coaster ride. I finished my sophomore year of nursing at Walla Walla University and had plans to continue my degree at the WWU Portland School of Nursing campus in the fall. But, God had different plans for me, plans that I didn’t think were possible. 

For the past few months have been having these thoughts about taking a year off to go serve in a community, although I knew deep down inside that it was only a dream for the far-out future. At the end of May, however, I felt that I needed to take steps and clear my mind of the consistent and unsettling controversy happening in my own brain.

Through a lot of considerable thought, prayer, and being fully vulnerable with myself, I have enthusiastically accepted God’s call for me to serve his people in the country of Bangladesh. There have been many open doors and answers to prayer showing me that God has undoubtedly woven Himself in my life from beginning to the end. I cannot be more ecstatic!

​I have the privilege of working with Bangla Hope, an orphanage with 162+ kids who all get to know and feel Jesus’ love. I am planning to leave at the end of September and stay until June 2020. My dad has graciously been helping me with setting up this blog so that you can follow along on this adventure with me. Stay tuned!

Link to Kate’s blog: https://thebangladish.weebly.com/

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