Baby Joab

Joab’s family was very happy to welcome him, their very first baby boy, into their family. His Father worked hard as a day laborer, trying to earn money to support his family. It was then found that Joab’s Mother was mentally ill. She wasn’t talking very much with people, even close relatives. They believe in superstition, and she was taken to the village doctor several times. One day something very sad happened. Baby Joab was on the bed sleeping that morning when his Mother committed suicide by burning herself in the small kitchen while nobody was in the home. After an hour a neighbor came to visit the new baby and saw the situation. They immediately took her to the hospital which then referred her to another good hospital, but sadly she died along the way because her burns were too bad. It is so sad for the family and the baby too. The family didn’t know how to handle this crisis and later they came to know about Bangla Hope. They decided to give the baby to the orphanage because they could not care for the new born. Upon hearing this bad news, our Bangla Hope team with Robyn Griffin went to the spot to show our sympathy to the family. Now this infant has joined us at Bangla Hope and is being well taken care of.

Update January 30, 2020: Joab is now fully sponsored! Thank you to our caring and generous sponsors for making it possible to care for our children

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