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The Bangla Hope family has grown by four children in the last month!


Lorence Robin Kujur

Lorence Robin Kujur

First of all, let me tell you about baby Lorence. A few years back, baby Lorence’s Mother, Sabina worked as a care giver for the Bangla Hope Orphanage. She left to get married and start a family. She married a young man who works as a Truck helper day and night. He travels far away from home most of the time. When Sabina became pregnant, she felt that it would be nice to go to her Parents home during her baby’s delivery. But home deliveries are so risky. Her parents live in a remote area and it wasn’t good at all! On November 25, 2018 Sabina delivered at home but there was too much bleeding. Later on that day she was taken to the Dinajpur Hospital and by that time Mother (Sabina) passed away. It was a shock for the everybody. The very same day that baby Lorence was born, his mother, Sabina died. Lorence has now joined the Bangla Hope family.


Mow & Mitu Sircar

Left to right: Mitu Sircar and Mow Sircar

Now let me tell you about two sweet sisters, Mow and Mitu. Mow and Mitu are still hoping that their father will come home soon after his treatment of hand infections. While their father was leaving, he told them that he will bring some apples and Chocolates back from the city. But it did not come true. Tragically their father passed away.  Their Mother and Grandparents are so sad. Their Father was the only person who made income for the family as a day laborer. Now they don’t have any hope. It was a great time for the family during the Sabbath day – the children went to Church with their family, but now they miss their Dad and are so sad. Mother doesn’t know what to do with these two kids because they don’t have enough food. Neighbors helped to give food for few days only, but the family needs more of that. They began searching for a placement for the little two kids because Mother must go to work and support herself and could not care for the children. They heard about Bangla Hope Orphanage and applied for the children to become part of the Bangla Hope family. At present Mow and Mitu are playing together at Bangla Hope orphanage and making new friends in the Children’s Home &  adjusting to the environment.

Suporna Kundu

Suporna Kundu

And lastly, I introduce you to Suporna. Suporna has had a remarkable journey. Here is her story: Suporna was born close to Kalkata, India. Kolpona, the mother of this baby, went there without any passport and visa. She married a Hindu man who drank too much and worked as a Truck Driver. Later, the man demanded a dowry from her parents but Kolpona doesn’t have parents. For this reason, the drunk man beat her and kicked her almost every night. It was so terrible for the family. One day the husband was found dead on the road side from drinking too much alcohol. But now, Kolpona and her daughter had worse problems, especially no food to eat at home. Mother took the courage to return to Bangladesh to her relative in the hopes she could get shelter and food. She said that her journey was a terrible experience for them while crossing the Indian / Bangladesh boarder; she thought that she and her baby might die or be shot by the Indian Army. But during the night they entered into Bangladesh through the ponds and canals.  After coming to Bangladesh she found one of her sisters but she couldn’t help her. Kolpona learnd about Bangla Hope and wanted her daughter Suporna to join the Bangla Hope family. Now Kolpona can support herself through some work, while knowing that her daughter Suporna is being loved, fed, and cared for.  At present  Suporna  is playing  with the other kids at Bangla Hope, making new friends in the Children’s Home &  adjusting to the environment.

All four of the children are in need of sponsorship.

Please know that when you sponsor a child at Bangla Hope, you are making a wonderful difference in their lives. It is our desire that the children at the Bangla Hope Children’s Home not only have monetary support from their sponsors, but that the sponsors are willing to build meaningful relationships with the children through letters, photos, and possibly gifts on special occasions. Some sponsors are even able to make it over to visit their child/children. If you would like to start sponsoring one of our new children, please get in touch with us!




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