“Would you like to purchase my land?”

This question is asked on various occasions particularly from people who are hoping to receive a price higher than the value of the land.  Normally the question comes to us for parcels of land that are less than an acre.  This question, however, was from a police officer who owned ten bighas (about 3 acres) of land just outside our wall.  Our campus and the land for sale is currently separated by a narrow piece of property owned by a local farmer.  Obtaining the property would mean doubling the size of our existing campus.  The asking price for the three acres is $72,000, which would include the cost of the land ($60,000) plus taxes and fees ($12,000).  The asking price is a little higher than normal due to the fact that it is a large piece of property.

The police officer and his wife arrived to negotiate with Bangla Hope’s leadership to see if something could be worked out.  Naturally, we don’t have $60,000 laying around with which we can purchase property.  That’s God’s business!   He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and if His purpose is for us to use this property He will provide.  After an entire day of negotiations, land measurements, discussions, prayer, re-negotiations, land investigations, etc. the final conclusion was, in reality, a blessing.  The current owner has been leasing out his land for Tk 100,000 (about $1200) per year to another farmer.  If he was going to sell his land he would have to return the leasing funds.  So, with all of that said, here is what God has blessed us with.

Bangla Hope is now leasing the ten bighas for the next four years with the option to buy. The asking price will remain frozen for the next two years to see if we can raise the money.  If we do not raise the funds after two years he will be free to sell it to someone else.  Monies given for leasing the property will go against the purchase of the land.

Opportunities of this nature do not come along often in Bangladesh where property is at a premium.  I personally believe that this is an opportunity given to us by God.  Already rice is being planted on the new property which will be a great asset. Above everything else we desire to do God’s will. If you feel that this is something that we should pursue consider helping us raise the funds to make this land purchase as quickly as possible. With our students getting older, having land to cultivate will be an added blessing.

May God lead you as you consider partnering with us in this pursuit.

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