Life is very much like rafting a river.  You kick back and enjoy the peaceful moments as you float the tranquil waters that run deep…not knowing that you are just moments away from class 5 rapids.  It happens in an instant, and then, all that you can see is white water.

     October 10, 2018 was just another day for Tarini Soren, cashier for Bangla Hope.  Suchitra, his wife, has been the Administrator of Bangla Hope since 2005. However, on the 11th of October Tarini began to complain the he wasn’t feeling well.  He began to experience dizziness and felt pain in his left arm.  Suchitra checked his blood pressure and became extremely concerned that there was something seriously wrong.  On October 16 they visited a physician who informed them that Tarini had had a heart attack sometime recently and that he needed further evaluation as soon as possible. 

     On October 18, the report came that he had serious blockage and needed to see a specialist soon.  Sabbath evening after sunset the Sorens boarded a bus bound for Dhaka where Tarini had scheduled an appointment with a Christian doctor at Square Hospital for the 21st.  After an examination Tarini was immediately admitted to the hospital where an angiogram revealed serious blockages in three main vessels.  The only option was open-heart surgery.

     The doctor wanted to operate immediately, but Tarini decided that he needed time to consider how best to proceed. After several days of prayer and discussion with his family, he finally consented to the bypass surgery which took place on October 30. Surgery began at 8:30 am and Suchitra did not receive a report regarding the outcome of the surgery until 4pm that day. The news was good, however. Tarini had had a successful quadruple bypass and was doing as well as could be expected.

     Tarini was immediately moved to ICU with the expectation of remaining there five days.  However, it would be nine grueling days before Tarini was moved into a regular hospital room.  Sleeping was practically out of the question and food was unappealing. 

     The days seemed to stand still for Tarini and he almost wished that he had never had the surgery.  On November 8, he was finally transferred from ICU and on the evening of the 10th released from the hospital.  It was assumed that he would have to remain in Dhaka until somewhere around Christmas but at his follow up appointment on the 17th the doctor insisted that home would be a better place to mend. 

     The Sorens wasted no time obtaining a van to bring them back home on November 19. Children and staff ran from all over the campus to greet the Sorens as they drove in the gate.  We immediately gathered in a circle of prayer thanking God for all of the prayers that He had answered on Mr. Soren’s behalf.

We thank you for your prayers and concern for the Sorens.  It has been a rough patch for them! 

     If you wish to help in meeting the financial expenses for his surgery, it would be much appreciated.  The total cost was $5,000.  Thank you for your love and support for our Bangla Hope family!

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