Our Projects

Our Projects are Enabled Through Your Generous Support

Everyone of our needs and projects are supported by individuals just like you. For years we have been able to change thousands of children’s lives for the better. One hundred percent of all funding we receive goes directly to helping our children and their needs. On this page you will find information regarding the projects we are currently working on.

Campus Security Fence Project

Our new campus security fence will ensure the safety of our children and staff in a dangerous world environment. Initial funding has been secured and has allowed us to begin the construction of this fence. We need your support to complete the entire fence around our campus.



New Generator for Bangla Hope Campus

The power grid in Bangladesh is spotty at best. Multiple times every day the grid will go down, leaving the entire campus running on our backup generators. Electricity is a basic necessity while running a school of 155 children 5 days a week with activities for the children during the weekend. A fundraising campaign has been started to get the campus a new reliable backup generator so that we can continue to provide education and a stable environment for our children.



General Donation

Every day small things come up that need caring for. This includes everything from campus maintenance to medical emergency. These donations go toward everyday expenses that are not funded adequately through sponsorship funds.



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