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President: Dr. Ken Rose

Founders: Dave & Beverly Waid


Accountant:  Gary Fisher volunteers
accounting expertise and time since 1998.


Office manager:  Hazel Burns joined the team
in September 2000 when the office was
initially organized.


Secretary:  Roxy Lenz joined the office staff in September 2001.

Secretary:  Lin Venden joined the office staff in June, 2012.

Analyst: Len Burns joined the team in 2000. 

Volunteers help with newsletter mailings and other office work.

Bangla Hope Board Members who volunteer their time: (May, 2013)

Back Row from left:  Richard Bernhardt, Gary Fisher (treasurer), Jim Brewer, Marcus Roberts (Burgandy's husband), Dr. Ken Rose (president), Roger Cook (board chairman).

Middle Row from left:  Litton Mowalie (treasurer in Bangladesh), Len Burns, Burgandy Roberts, Dave Waid (founder), Ruth Squier.

Front Row from left:  Hazel Burns, Nadine Brockman, Beverly Waid (founder), Chris Philpott.

Not Shown: Bob Finkbiner



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