Bangladesh Christian School Sponsorship of America (Bangla Hope) is registered through the state of Washington and is a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  View our 2014 IRS form 990

100% of donations designated for specific projects go directly to Bangladesh.   A few examples of projects include:

Orphanage, Feeding Program, Education Fund, Medical Fund, Clothing Fund, Dental Clinic, Medical Clinic and Pocket Money.

Funding for US expenses are taken from donations designated for office expense and supplemented with 15% of tuition money and a portion of the "use as needed" donations.

Directors, Dave and Beverly Waid, donate their time. Our U.S. office is in their home.   We pay no rent.   Our treasurer, Gary Fisher, also works out of his home.  Our directors and treasurer are volunteers who love the Bengali children.

Legally, funds used for salaries and other office expenses can be reported as being used for the children, but we believe in a higher standard.   We respect our donors and want to be transparent with them.

Dave and Beverly Waid spend four to six months in Bangladesh each year.   While there, they check on donor-funded projects to make certain things are being done as directed.  Our treasurer also audits the books.


We are committed to help as many Bengali children as possible with the funds donors entrust to us.

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